Young Man Displays Fancy Sports Car, Demanded To Race But Car End Up Broken

Recently we’re surprised to see how our community has changed – as Rokhan is a 21-year-old Indian flaunt his extravagant lifestyles. It’s very  rare as this does not happen in old days, when social media still have not exist.

He has all the tantrums of a star. When approached on email, Rokhan wanted a cheque to bless the magazine with an interview.  “I get emails every single day, random magazines asking to cover me,” he says. But he seeks out those who can write “valuable content about me”. At times, he is on a cruise with bikini- clad women. He can drink from two bottles at a party, and posted his bills. Lunch bill posted by him at Monaco Grand Prix worth Euro $86,388.

“Anyone who is ultra-rich should not flaunt. At least, not on the social media because in a country where most people are not that rich, you don’t want to provoke unnecessary attention on what you own,” says Chief Creative Officer of a creative design agency.

Rokhan, of course, doesn’t have any such inhibitions. He recently shared a post flashing his new sports car, challenging his followers to a race. The race eventually happened but low and behold, he damaged his Lamborghini in the midst of it.

However, he still insist with his ‘Got It, Flaunt It’ life motto. “If you are going to tell me to stop enjoying my life, then I am going to tell you ‘who are you’? I just do what I do and I post my photos. If I have a nice, luxurious lifestyle, then I am going to show it because I work for it.”

We as Spitzenews, encourage our readers to

  • Stay humble

  • Be grateful

  • Considerate of others

  • And most importantly, stay safe!

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