Woman Stopped By Airport Officials After Gold Biscuits Detected Inside Her

AUSTRALIA – A women was blocked at the gate before boarding her flight when her scans showed foreign material.

She seemed suspicious while proceeding to the customs counter.

Emma was departing to Dubai last Monday where the incident happened.

Sources in the customs department said she had hid the material inside her body.

Body scan reports shows that she has foreign material in her body.

Eventually after removing the material, it was actually metal plates that supported her spine.

According to her interview, she said that she told the authorities multiple times but they just do not believe her story and decided to go the full length as she had no proof.

She missed her flight and was compensated. The woman was flying to Dubai for a getaway.

The SpitzeNews tries to promote goodwill. Let’s pray for Emma’s safe flight to Dubai and hopefully she won’t get in trouble at the airport again.

We wonder if spine alignment can be replace with non-metal materials?

Let us know if there are further medical advancements!

Have a good day ahead 🙂