Woman Seized By Airport Official After Gold Nuggets Detected ‘Inside’ Her

INDIA – Gold nuggets were seized today  from a woman passenger named Ziya at Kempegowda International Airport, customs officials said.

She had arrived by an Emirates flight EK 568 from Dubai early morning, they said.

Sources in the customs department said she had hid the biscuits in her rectum. She seemed suspicious while proceeding to the customs counter while having a noticeable bulge. She was eventually stopped for a body search.

According to her interview, she said that she told the authorities multiple times but they just do not believe her story and decided to go the full length as she had no proof.

Body scan reports shows that she has foreign material in her body. Eventually after removing the material, it was metal plates that assisted her body alignment.

She missed her flight and was compensated. The woman hails from Villupuram district in Tamil Nadu.

After reading this story, we as Spitzenews encourages our readers to always be prepare for your flight! If you knew that you have ‘something’ that would trigger an alarm at the airport, it is recommended to bring papers or documents that could prove your innocence.

Lesson to be learnt and have a good weekend!