Why Are People With Blood Type O So Special?

Are you someone who belongs to Blood Type O? It may be one of the common blood types, but Blood Type O has a special significance. Blood Type O belonged to those ancestors who were rough and cunning and used to go out for hunting. They were able to properly understand the environment, find out the proper way to deal with it, and use these tactics to survive as well as hunt. It naturally follows that they were quite active, physically charged and one of the leaders in the group.

A Born Leader

Due to their speciality, the people with Blood Type O have certain specific qualities that are unique to them. They are productive and have the power to concentrate on something for a long time. They remain strong in times of stress and are capable problem-solvers. Most of all, they were proactive and as a result, they were capable of being good leaders. The combination of all these positive qualities makes them an optimistic person as well. In Japan, people with Blood Type O are treated with special respect. It has been observed that they are practical, responsible, and organized. Japan, being a country that values discipline and logic, this quality in a Blood Type O person is a boon.

However, all is not going great for people with Blood Type O. In the modern world, there are far too many occasions which bring stress into our lives. While Blood Type O should keep themselves fit, the modern lifestyle of junk food and lack of exercise is messing up with their system. They are developing poor metabolism and also other problems like low activity of the thyroid gland, obesity, and insulin resistance are slowly becoming a part of their lives. When the stress starts to pile up, these individuals can get hyperactive and extremely angry which results in ill-effects of the body.

Some Costly Disorders

Due to these problems which the people of Blood Type O are facing, they have started inclining towards diseases like thyroid dysfunction and ulcers. Poor diet results in the production of too much stomach acid that causes problems in metabolism and digestion. When you have low activity of thyroid, you may start getting overweight, feel tired and have all sorts of physical issues. This can also be a problem due to lack of iodine in your diet.

All in all, it is not the best of times for people with Blood Type O. Maybe, it is time to fix it. Here are some of the ways that you can gain the same agility as your ancestors:

When you are having any meal, which includes a snack, sit at a table and consume it slowly. Don’t gulp it down.

Don’t try to go for alcohol or caffeine. Caffeine tends to cause the most harm as it will raise your noradrenaline and adrenaline levels. It’s already high in your blood, so there is no need for an extra boost.

Exercising is important. People with Blood Type O have always been physically active and to keep that agility intact, you must exercise regularly.

If you find that you are starting to gain weight, start by exercising daily. Go for a 30-45 minute aerobics.

Don’t be impulsive. Set goals. Plan it out and make it monthly, daily, or annual, whichever suits you best.

When you are depressed or fatigued, that’s the time when you start taking all the wrong decisions and go for destructive habits like gambling or indulging in unhealthy excitements. Don’t take such risky decisions of wasting money when you are under stress.

If you are a person with Blood Type O, then know that you are special. Don’t let your speciality die off that easily. Choose a healthy lifestyle and live a happy life!

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