WATCH: Look At The Way He Moves



Ben Aaron, a producer and presenter for NBC was shooting on a street in New York when he saw a stranger that made his day. Ben saw that this guy was dancing, walking and exploring the city at the same time, a missing puzzle for Ben’s next project. So, he decided to get everyone else on the streets of New York involved too, to create what he calls “Dance Walking Fitness”.

More than 100,000 people have watched his clip on social media  – showing off his moves

Ben was filmed dancing in his T shirt with former workmate Gary Thomson outside Marks and Spencer in Blackburn town centre.

The pair worked together on the bin waggons for Rossendale Council and Hayley said: “It’s gone mad – I just can’t believe it how many people have seen it. People have been stopping me in the street to say how much they enjoyed it and that it’s brightened their day.

“It was just a moment of fun in a day’s work and I’m happy that I’ve made people smile.

People who have watched the video have even asked Ben to pose for photographs and he joked: “We might get asked to appear on Strictly Come Dancing next!

“I used to do all sorts of dancing when I was young, I started off with ballet and ballroom. I gave up when I was a teenager when it was no longer cool but I like music and as long as it’s happy music, I’ll dance to it.

Ben, 88, added:

“I was just in a good mood so I decided to dance. I do it quite often.”