Waitress Thought She Didn’t Get Tipped, Ended Up To Be The Biggest Tip Of Her Life

A waitress in a small restaurant got a life changing tip last week. Sofia was working her regular shift when she received a huge tip on a regular tab. The tip came from an anonymous customer that noticed her hardship at work. Apparently, Sofia revealed in an interview that she was having a bad day. ‘I accidentally broke an appliance and my boss demanded me to pay for it, my child is sick and I still have to get him to the doctor’, she teared.

‘I saw the tip on top on the customer’s bill and asked him if he made the wrong payment because it was too much, but he said that it was for me, I broke down straight after.’ The anonymous customer does not want to reveal his identity, he just said that he ‘wanted to do a good deed for her’.

She mentioned that after working as a waitress for 4 years, she have never received anything ‘decent’ from her customers. She always longed for the kindest ‘Thank You’ or even any signs of appreciation is sufficient for her. Nevertheless, this random act of kindness happened to the perfect person, now Sofia has enough to support her kid and pay her dues. Soon after receiving the generous gratitude, Sofia went back to her work, clearing the tables and greeting next customers with a smile.

Waiters and waitresses are the faces of the restaurant. If the agenda does not go smoothly, they are the ones to deliver the news and absorb the backlash. They are here to help, but sometimes, we as customers are making their jobs even harder without knowing it.

We have to play our part in the community to make the world better and ‘servers are not servants’.

You may start practising some good habits while at a restaurant

  • Speak politely
  • Be mindful of making unreasonable demands
  • Leave a good tip if possible
  • Respect their job
  • Most importantly, SMILE!

Let’s appreciate our fellow members in the hospitality industry and their hard work to serve us!