This Motivational Speech From Joe Rogan Will Help You Stay In Shape

Known for his stand up routine, Joe Rogan is also an expert when it comes to commenting on the color in mixed martial arts. This American also has his podcast and is a successful businessman.

His podcast deals with various issues of life. You can go through them and inspire yourself to live a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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According to Joe Rogan, emotional stability is an indispensable part of a healthy living, which can be achieved through a commitment to fitness. He has observed that people who do not work out have the hardest time keeping their emotions together.

Now, the significance of emotional stability arises when we examine the way we deal with other people. If we are not happy with our lives then it is not possible to keep other people around us happy.

To quote Rogan, “The key to happiness doesn’t lay in numbers in a bank account but in the way we make others feel.”

Claiming exercise as a form of stress-buster, Rogan leads you to the path where you can say goodbye to your depression. The moment we start working out, your body releases the chemical known as endorphins. This chemical triggers the positive and happy feelings in your body. Thus, it cures depression as long as you work out regularly.

Rogan motivates his listeners to get out of their beds to walk, jog and run as much as they can when they feel depressed. According to him when you start working out even when you do not feel like, you distract yourself to something prolific and useful. The intensity of your work out decides the outcome.

He also concentrates upon the need of movement that your body needs. Your body is like a racing car. If you will use it regularly to race to the finish line, it will function properly. However, the moment you stop using the car, it will become an old junk of no use, and so will your body if you deny it the required movements.

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Rogan also suggests the steps to remain in shape. You can start by preparing a fitness chart where your commitment to the fitness on daily basis should be your priority. You should write everything you eat to count the calories taken in a day along with the micro and macro-nutrients as well that your body needs. The chart must include the exercises you need to do.

You must work out regularly and push yourself to the edge every time you start the next one. Keeping track of food is important as the kind of food you eat affects your brain. Rogan shares his observation that when he eats junk food or fast foods like burger, sandwich, french fries, etc. he feels heavy and lazy, however, healthy foods like milk, oats, fruits, etc. keep him full all day long without any bloating.

If you go with Joe Rogan’s words you can keep yourself in shape, and commit yourself to fitness in a long run.

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