They Started Shouting In Public

Guess what they’re looking at?

With each passing month, it seems like viral pregnancy announcements are getting cuter and smarter. In this latest viral video, two expecting parents turn the tables on soon-to-be grandparents during a family game night.

Alexa and Drew Goolsby, who recently discovered Alexa was pregnant, used Jimmy Fallon’s famous Tonight Show lip-reading game to share their exciting message with Alexa’s parents. In the video, we see Alexa’s mom and dad participating in the “Whisper Challenge” that goes a little something like this: Alexa’s parents wear noise-canceling headphones and try to read their daughter’s lips, without much success. As you’d expect from any lip-reading game, there is a lot of confusion, giggling, and shouting before Alexa’s parents finally figure out what she is trying to say.

Once the couple connect the dots (with Alexa’s mom putting together the big news first), their over-the-top reaction to finding out they are going to be grandparents is priceless. Since uploading the adorable video to social media just days ago, Alexa’s clip has already gotten close to 400,000 views and hundreds of shares.

There’s something a little different about this pregnancy announcement that is making everyone’s hearts melt. While we’ve seen some great viral pregnancy announcements in years past — like the Up-inspired pregnancy announcement or the “bun in the oven” video that caused a husband to break down in tears after trying for a baby for 17 years — all of these announcements focus on the expectant parents. It’s very rare that we see an announcement like Alexa’s with all eyes on the grandparents, where the parents-to-be aren’t even in the picture.

It’s no wonder we’ve seen new trends in the “grandparent celebration,” like special grandparent pregnancy announcements and even grandma baby showers.  Grandparents don’t want to sit on the sidelines — they want to be a part of the action.

And that’s exactly the sweet message that Alexa’s viral video has captured so well. When caring grandparents are involved, everybody wins. New parents are going to get more of the support they so desperately need, and new babies are going to have even more people to love.