Six-Year-Old Girl Rescues Trapped Ducklings From Drain Pipe

Six-year-old Mia and her mom Skye Rabii knew something was wrong when they noticed a mother duck with only one duckling by her side. The rest of the ducklings fell into a drain pipe. Rabii then thought of her daughter, who had much slimmer arms than the adults on-scene. She then pulled out 8 ducklings one by one.

From the video, Mia’s arms were just the right size to reach down and pull the ducklings to safety. The determined girl was able to save ducklings that were trapped in the pipe.

Footage of Mia rescuing the ducks was published to YouTube on April 9. It had garnered over a thousand views on Youtube.

“I am incredibly proud of my daughter’s actions to help the smallest beings,” Mia’s mom wrote on YouTube. “Additionally, I am grateful for the family that asked for our help, they tried their best to help the babies, but it required just the right arm size and right attitude to get it done.”

Check out the full video:

Sometimes size makes all the difference.

We as Spitzenews loved what Mia did. What a good example to our community. To do our part, we encourage everyone to be like Mia and help out however you can.

You can make a difference in any situation. Let your weakness becomes your biggest strength!