This person cant stop dancing!

Sometimes when you’re stuck in an unfortunate situation, the only thing you can do is dance.

Michael is well known in the Nashville music industry — he’s a highly respected vice president of a company that deals in radio promotions. Now, however, he’ll be even more well known for his positive attitude, awesome dance moves, and joyful spirit! You might thought he have received some great news that made him made such moves, but nope! Michael was actually sitting in his car in gridlocked traffic on I-65 heading north out of Alabama.
After they’d been sitting for a bit, , Michael decides he simply cannot be contained by the vehicle any longer. Glancing over his shoulder to make sure traffic is still at a stand-still, he hops out of hiscar and starts dancing in the street.

How much would you want to be in one of the cars nearby when this guy jumped out and started dancing? We’re only surprised more people didn’t jump out and join him, because this kind of funny, happy attitude is contagious.

All good things must come to an end, and eventually the song wraps up. Turns out, what came next was viral super stardom, all thanks to his wife, Lee . Lee uploaded the video to Facebook, and almost instantly the world fell in love with him. Within two months, the video had been viewed over 18 million times on social media!

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