Mother Makes Daughter Work The ‘Night Shift’ To Repay Lover’s Dues, Now They Back Together

INDIA – In Nashik, the girl lived with her mother and her alleged boyfriend. The first few months were bliss as the minor was pampered. She also didn’t have to go to school or study. After a few months the teenager was asked to work at a spa. As a receptionist she earned Rs 10,000 a month. Her ordeal started soon after. First her mother asked her to give massages to male customers coming to the spa.

Amrita, in Pune was forced to work the night shift to repay mother’s boyfriend’s debt.

The minor girl said her mother had separated from her father and moved to Nashik three years ago. The woman took her daughter with her.

After mere massages she was encouraged by her mother to have further relations with spa customers. Scared of the ill-behaviour of the customers, the girl refused to go to the spa. Her earnings were used to repay her mother’s boyfriend’s debts.

Police raid in Nashik forced the woman to move base to Pune. There she continuously persuade her daughter to work as an escort.

Thanks to a friend, the scarred girl got in touch with a non-governmental organisation (NGO) working with children. Activists with the NGO registered a complaint with Pune’s Shastri Nagar police station with the girl as the complainant; police arrested the woman and her boyfriend under the Sections 5 and 9 of the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act.

The minor girl, after spending 15 days at child rescue home, has been reunited with her father and grandmother.

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