Man Bids Car Plate License Worth More Than 50 Lakh For His New Rolls Royce

INDIA – Businessman Kumar Sharma paid 55 lakhs for a license plate for one of his Rolls Royces. Yes, one of many..

The infamous plate was sold at a government auction on Saturday, according to local media reports. Sharma, who owns a property management company, also purchased another plate for 38 lakh.

This guy was so happy after winning at an auction for license plates. It cost 55 lakhs but he was so happy with the win.
He was flaunting and boasting about his win to the media during the interview.

Auctions of license plate numbers are a big draw among the rich, shorter or personalised number plates is seen as a status symbol coveted by the wealthy.

Now that his over the top car matches an over the top license plate.

Hopefully, we will get a glimpse of him roaming on the streets in his one of a kind Rolls Royce soon.

Let us know if you do spot him on the streets.

We love some paparazzi actions!