Indian Couple Shows Wealth At Local Church, Crowd Protest Spoiled Wedding Party

INDIA – This display of wealth during the wedding seasons. The colossal wastage of food, flowers and decoration materials thrown into garbage yards hours after the event is over leave the people gaping in horrifying wonder.

Recently, couple Rahul and Pooja had a local church wedding in Assam, flaunts lavish wedding invitations and hype just days before the wedding. It had caused rage among the local villagers, eventually hundred of locals came to the church and started taking down the decorations and the lavish set up. The wedding party was spoiled before it even started.

Marriage celebrations have become opportunities to publicise status and wealth of families and their relatives. The number of people attending the wedding celebrations and the beauty of invitation cards have become the standards of measuring success of a wedding. Very lavish wedding dresses, elaborate and expensive jewellery and event management have made weddings a spectacle of waste and extravagance.

To do our part in India, we encourage everyone to:

  • Stay humble
  • Be considerate
  • Know that happiness is not determined by wealth

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