This guy dances after getting a unexpected “spinning” victory

Dancing is a great way to express yourself, however, one man has ruffled the feathers of many on social media after he was seen showing off some pretty interesting moves at church. 

When this specific video was sent to me, I happened to be watching it while other people were with me.

The video, which made the rounds on social media a few months ago, caused a stir after many said that this man’s dance moves at church were disrespectful, and not fitting for a church service.

I wasn’t shocked at the dancing, in fact, I thought it was a real ‘feel good’ type of video, but oh my word was one of the ladies who was at my table shocked for words. “How could this man dance like this in a church? Doesn’t he have any respect,” she said.

For me, I thought this guy’s dancing added some emotion to the church service he was at. It’s spontaneous, with no choreography needed. It just happens, and everyone around him seems to be loving it.

If you were in church or at a place of worship and someone started dancing like this, would you find this offensive or not?