She Gave A Homeless Woman Her Boots And Received A Warmth Return

Kelly McGuire, 24, of Hobart, Indiana traded shoes with a homeless woman after a Chicago Bears game on Jan. 3, 2016.

Here’s the story of Kelly McGuire, a young woman who gave someone in need an amazing gift, and received the most amazing gift, from the woman, in return.

“I went to the Chicago Bears game today. We spent $32 total on the train fares, $200 for our tickets, $7 for a hot dog, and $41 at Giordano’s after the game. We paid that much money to come to spend a fun day in the city even though it was cold. I feel guilty. We have much more than what we need and we don’t even have half of what most people have.

“The high today was 30 degrees, so naturally I layered up in a lot of clothing. I wore Under Armor pants and an Under Armor long sleeve shirt along with 2 additional pairs of pants, 4 shirts, 2 sweatshirts, 3 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of gloves, a coat, a hat, a scarf, and my favorite new pair of winter boots.”

When they were leaving a Bears game in Chicago when she spotted a homeless woman across the street. The woman held a sign reading “I am in need of winter boots and winter clothing items.”

“It’s actually kind of embarrassing,” McGuire of Hobart, Illinois, said. “I was going to walk passed her and not listen to the voice inside my head. I was brokenhearted for her and that’s when I walked across the street and talked to her.”

“I got across the street and felt like I was going to throw up. I had passed countless amounts of homeless people all day but for some reason I was so drawn to this woman. I told my friends to please wait for just a moment and I tried to quickly get back across the street to talk with this mystery woman.

“My initial reaction was ‘That could be anyone of my friends or my family.’ We have an obligation to help everyone we can because we never know when its going to be us,” she said.

McGuire said she immediately offered Amy her clothing as well as her waterproof winter boots.

“I felt a little bit crazy because I was just planning on walking back to the train in just my socks.

“I asked her what size she wore and she said 8.5 (same as me). I asked her what size shirt she wore and she said medium (same as me).”

“The boots she was wearing were worn and were wet. Mine were warm and waterproof.”

“She stood up and cried. I sat down with her, untied my boots, and slid off the top layer of my fuzzy warm socks and handed them to her. She said they were the nicest shoes she’s ever had.”

“We exchanged names and a few other words. We looked about the same age. We talked a lot. Not through words as much as just by looking at each other. She looked worn and tired when our eyes first met but by the time I left I could sense the warmth of her personality and the thankfulness in her heart.”

What happened next completely caught McGuire off-guard, she said.

“I started to walk away and she said, ‘I don’t want your feet to be cold, can I give you my old boots?’

“She who had nothing, offered me these boots. HER boots. I wore them all the way home.”

“Her name was Amy and I just cannot stop thinking about her.”

“I think a lot of people think others post stories like this for the fame and I can definitely say that was not my intention at all,” McGuire said. “I think we can all learn something so special from the fact that Amy offered me her boots.”

McGuire said she hopes her story inspires others to perform random acts of kindness. “If you have the urge to do something kind for someone, I encourage you to do it.”

Let’s see this remarkable act of kindness and spread the inspiration around to encourage more people!