Flight Hostess Seized For Smuggling Foreign Currency Through Flight By Officials

INDIA – A flight attendant, Pavitra, was seized for having an over-sized and over-weight baggage and when she was on a flight to Hong Kong yesterday. The officials found some foreign currency in her possession which was wrapped in foil, but not enough to be charged for tax. Her sanitary pads was to brought over to her relatives in Hong Kong due to their personal request.

“During examination of her checked-in and hand baggage, there were ‘blocks’ wrapped in aluminum foil. It was heavier than what was allowed for her cabin baggage. ” said Head of Airport Security.

Aside from that, her baggage was also over-sized. It attracted lots of attention, her colleagues had no choice but to report and do a check on her. Turns out, she brought some stacks of foreign currency and lots of sanitary pads. It was a huge misunderstanding from the management but they had to make sure when their staff’s integrity is in question.

Her ‘situation’ had caused the flight delay to Hong Kong. Due to this, the airline had to compensate the passengers with free meals throughout the flight. From then on, Pavitra would be more responsible in limiting her baggage size and weight to avoid this embarrassing situation from happening again.

After reading this story, SpitzeNews would like to remind everyone to pack accordingly, neatly, and only bring necessities while you’re travelling!

You could save so much time and effort, be it yours or others 😉