Big Celebration Is Definitely Needed

Ben and Hannah Hinders didn’t think they would pull off a surprise 10 months in the making until they finally saw the stunned looks on the faces of one family member after another.

The couple, who are from the East Coast gave their loved ones a surprise last month when they a video clip of her pregnancy progress, and then showed up to family visits toting a new baby girl.

Hannah, 27, gave birth to Ivy. Two months later the couple traveled to see  their family members. Before they showed up, they asked their family members to watch a video clip – which was her progress of her pregnancy.

They ask one of the family member to film the shocked reactions after watching the video clip.

The couple hatched the idea after watching a video of a surprise adoption while on a road trip with some friends.

“My wife had the idea of, ‘Wouldn’t it be crazy if we had a kid and didn’t tell anybody and then just showed up on their doorstep?”’ Hinders said. “Everybody was like, ‘You’re insane.”’

After finding out Hannah was pregnant a day before their first wedding anniversary, the couple limited their social media posts to beautiful landscapes from Hawaii and shots of Hannah that didn’t show her midsection. They figured the surprise would be blown once someone visited them. But no one made the trip during Hanna’s pregnancy.

While the couple anticipated surprised reactions, they were also worried their parents and others might be upset about not being told beforehand.

“We had some anger come out after the fact, maybe a week or two later,” Hinders said. “My wife was pretty nervous, but we just thought, it’s pretty hard when you meet Ivy to not fall right in love. Nobody was mad for very long if they were mad.”

Now they will always have the story (and video) of how the family first met Ivy.