Accused In A Case Of Burglary Tears Up When He Sees The Judge

Humanity is a diseased race. This is no ordinary disease which can be cured by advances in modern medicine. It is a vile illness which thrives when people are greedy, angry, hateful, and scared. It inflames nerves and inflates pride. All these issues stem from one idea that we’ve all misunderstood for hundreds of years. It is the belief that there is a void within us which we need to fill.

Festering throughout society and all its aspects including the legal system and the mindset of people, this disease has become deeply ingrained into the very functioning of our lives. It corrupts us, forces us to become hostile and tense, keeps us in a constant state of stress and urgency, breeds enmity, and erodes the very foundations of society.
What we’ve failed to understand is that this absence inside of us is not something that we can fill with material things. It is a doorway to the universe and that is too vast space. We should allow it to stay open and welcome love in our heart through it.

The truth is that inside every adult, there is a child who is wandering around looking for answers and just doing their best to keep going in the version of reality that has been foisted on them. Sometimes the pressure becomes too great for some people and they are forced past their boundaries. When this happens they either face the truth or give in to lies, lashing out in ways that cause pain to them and others around them.

No matter how they react, it is important to remember that they are just like us. They have that child within them except their ego has taken over and negative energy has found its way into their hearts. When we throw someone in jail, it doesn’t mean that that person is unworthy of being a human. It is just that the disease has completely taken over them and they need love to get them back on their feet. This love has to be true, innocent and full of good will and friendliness. It has to be powerful enough to penetrate to their deepest soul.

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These conditions must be fulfilled so that these people can remember the child within them and their own need for affection and care. Behind our carefully constructed facades, this is true for us all. And this has been proved right by this heartbreaking video.

A man was accused of being part of a burglary. However, a very surprising thing happened when he was put before the judge. He broke into tears because he recognized the judge as a friend from his school days.

Watch his reaction carefully. Notice how his whole demeanor changes from rough and strong to something completely different as soon as he sees his friend?

He’s remembering his own childhood and innocence. Society no longer retains a hold on him as memories of a beautiful friendship flash through his mind. He can see that this judge is also human and a friend he shared good times with. The judge sees that this person who may have committed a crime is also a person and a friend. He became overwhelmed and couldn’t stay strong.

Follow the link below to watch the video and the reaction of the judge:

‘The words of kindness are more healing to a drooping heart than balm or honey.’ – Sarah Fielding

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