8 Suprising Things That Your Appearance Reveals About You

It is a very well-documented thing that your appearance reveals a lot about you. After all, it is your appearance which is in question. But sometimes, it also affects how the other person sees you. Any change in appearance could also be an indicator of some health ailments.

So, all in all, it is not exactly a bad thing. It needs a keen eye to know who one truly is. And people who are avid face-readers do that comfortably. What one should remember is that appearances don’t make a man. But, also, first impressions matter.

Here are 8 things that your appearance reveals about you:-


Wrinkles can directly lead to the heart i.e. people with lower wrinkles do not suffer from heart problems. So, if you find someone with fewer wrinkles and who look younger than their age, it is assured that they don’t have any major heart problems.


Pimples are symbolic of health problems. So, if you have pimples in or between eyebrows, it could be symptomatic of liver problems. If you have pimples beneath your eyes, it is your kidneys and adrenal glands which are affected. If you have pimples on your upper cheeks, your stomach is ailing. And if you have pimples on your upper lips, you have cardiovascular issues.

3. The Shape of Your Face

The way your face is shaped tells a lot about your personality. So, diamond-shaped people are someone who has a lot of command at their disposal. Square shaped people are ambitious. Triangle shaped people are born leaders, so on and so forth.

4. Facial Expression

One’s facial expression does tell a lot about one’s personality. If someone is somewhat subservient or low maintenance, they show off their dimples, while also lowering and stretching their eyebrows and lips. Someone who is dominating would snarl their lips and wrinkle their noses.

5. Height

A well-documented fact is that someone who is tall people consider them as a leader. It is because the rest of the people in the group register the tall person as being more mature and wise, which is why they would elect them as the leader unanimously.

6. Bone Structure and Physique

People with a strong bone structure and well-defined muscles are always thought of as stronger and much more masculine. People with a sharp jawline and strong cheekbones are considered more muscular than people with a week jaw and a slightly round face. The absence of baby fat was seen to be an indicator of strength and masculinity.

7. Wider Face

A wider face is considered to be more aggressive, courtesy of all the famous boxers- Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather etc. It is because the size of the face makes it more animalistic and aggressive. Interestingly, this is only for men and not women.

8. Eyes

The colour of one’s eyes can hint at melanoma levels. Someone with bright eyes usually faces Uveal melanoma more than someone with a darker, more matte colour.

Hopefully, this has helped you understand the human body more. Take care of yourself!

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