8 Everyday Things That Were Meant For Strange Reasons

You know what I am talking about. I am talking about those everyday things we see every day but we do not really know what they are used for. Well, I am here to do away with all your questions, so all I have to say is, prepare to be amazed!

Following is a list of everyday things that are actually meant for something we didn’t really know about before:-

1.Small pockets on your jeans

They are not just there for you to put the tips of your finger in. Levi’s came up with this design back in 1873 to accommodate the pocket watches that people used to carry.

2. The hole on the caps of ballpoint pens

A mystery we thought would go down with the Universe has been solved. These existed to make sure that when swallowed by children, they would not suffocate.

3. Holes in the windows aeroplanes

If being airtight is such a priority, why is there a hole in the window? Well, to make sure that the windows do not accumulate fog up when it gets too hot- and you thought it was just for the aesthetics.

4. The hole at the end of the handles of cooking pans

Well, this mystery is not that hard to crack. The hole serves two purposes. It can be used to hang the pan to save storage space and can also be used as a spoon handle when someone is cooking.

5. The zigzag side of Bobby pins3

This might just blow your mind. This particular shape is actually there on the downside portion of your hair, to ensure a tighter grip. We generally do not follow this process but maybe now we will!

6. The spiky medical tubes

This one was a tough one. The only reason these tubes are made this way is to make sure that a hole can be made so that we can use the medicine.

7. Hanging loop on a shirt

You thought it was just to hang the shirts in the cupboard? Well, you are not wrong but in older times, one loop indicated that a man was single and no loop denoted that he had a partner.

8. The blue end of an eraser

I am guessing that some of you know this one but if you do not, I have news for you. This blue end can be utilized to rub what has been written in ink pen! Wouldn’t that be useful!

Well, in conclusion, it can rightly be said that everything has its use, and it is only up to us to find out what it is. Do not call something useless just because its purpose is not on your face!

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