20 Men Problems That Women Hardly Understand!

It is quite common to hear that women are an unsolvable puzzle to men. But the same is true the other way round as well.

There are certain aspects of the man’s life that a woman has no idea about.

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So here is a perfectly good time to enrich your knowledge with 20 men problems that women hardly understand.

1. Never ask help.


Men are usually expected to just know everything and never need help from others. Perplexing, isn’t it?

2. Compliments

compliments men

Men just don’t seem to get enough compliments. Women are more free in praising each other, but apparently a lot more remiss in complementing their male peers.

3. First Move

first move

In spite of Ladies first is the norm everywhere else, it is still expected to be a guy’s duty to make the first move.

4. Sensitive side

sensitive side

Sadly, men are expected not to have a sensitive side.

5. Remember the details


Men are just born with a handicap about noticing and remembering details.

6. Testicles


The pain of getting kicked in the balls is definitely unfathomable to womankind.

7. Multitasking


Men are born multitaskers.

8. Enjoy silence


Men like to be quiet once in a while. This doesn’t mean they are a health hazard.

9. Criticism about sensitive side


The reason men are not known for their emotional side is that society ridicules them for having one.

10. Make-up

make up

Again, the same goes for men wearing makeup.

11. Like to ask them out

ask man out

Women are comfortable enough in flirting with men, but never in asking them out first. Once in a while, it feels good to not be the one making the first move.

12. Be a Man

be a man

The phrase ‘Be a Man’ is the single most useless and disruptive phrase in any language and it stops men from expressing their true emotions.

13. Clueless


Men are clueless when it comes to taking a hint. If you want them to know something, tell them. Dropping hints and hoping they’ll understand is just a waste of your time and energy.

14. Baldness


The pain of going bald is something that no woman would understand. It is considered natural and men are supposed to accept it but it completely changes their life.

15. Looks


And why is that, because men too care about how they look.

16. To the point

Men mean what they say. There is no point in trying to read between the lines, there is nothing there.

17. Emotional support

emotional support

Sometimes men to would like a back rub when they’ve had a particularly tiring day. Both genders need emotional support.

18. Male sexual harassment

sexually harassed

Male sexual harassment is a real thing and sadly it is not given enough importance and coverage as is its due. Many people are painfully unaware that such thing exists.

19. Periods


Men would never be able to understand periods and thus they would rather not talk about it. Ever.

20. Sex isn’t everything

man about sex

Contrary to popular belief, sex is not the only thing on a guy’s mind and it is not the one-stop solution for all his problems.

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