19 Amazing Reasons Why Women Can’t Get Pregnant

Conceiving is one of those beautiful pleasures of womanhood that makes women feel special. Many fail to conceive after continued efforts. This leaves them feeling disheartened.

These are the small aspects you might think of any change in your routine.

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You need to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy fats. Yogurt, nuts, and oats are good while baked food, fast food are junk and need to be avoided because junks invite Anovulatory disorder.


A balanced routine with a little amount of exercise; do not drain your energy on too much workout.


A healthy body is a necessity but losing too much weight can affect the BMI which can turn into a serious reason hindering you to conceive. So remember to keep a check on BMI.


Both of the partners are important to make this happen. Stress affects both the egg and sperm. So help each other through this. Take necessary steps to reduce mental burden, go for a trip if needed.


Many people go through physical problems and opt for lubricants while intercourse. Only magnesium and calcium-containing lubricants are suggested because other lubricants affect the reproductive system.


Period tracking apps can help to give details about the ovulation and fertility window, but you can opt for a basal body thermometer too.


People having O blood group tend to have fewer eggs, but it does not mean you cannot conceive, daily checkups are required along with a close study of family history to see the chances of early menopause.


A healthy sperm may have DNA issues which affect the process. So, if you are unable to conceive even after healthy reports than opting for Comet Assay to test the DNA of sperm.


The absence of Vitamin D is another issue that creates trouble in Conceiving. So test and find out. Sun rays before 9 am are a good source of vitamin D along with supplements.


Chemicals like BPA found in plastic bottles, packed items, market receipts can damage eggs if entered into the body. Glass bottles are better.


Polychlorinated Biphenyls found in animal fat are harmful too. Go for home cooked meals and remove animal fat.


Unhealthy gums create more bacteria, affecting the eggs and sperm. So, the daily routine of brushing and flossing should be maintained.


Gadgets and devices near the private areas cause damage off eggs and sperm, especially for males.


While maintaining good looks and shape doesn’t harm body organs with tight shapers and tight underwear, opt for cotton-based garments for private areas to keep them healthy.


Lack of sleep interferes with daily activities of body affecting them adversely. To maintain the sleep routine.


To clear body toxins, opt for organic food.


Tension can never let you conceive so free your mind of burdens through yoga.


Let the sperm reach the egg so don’t wash up immediately after the lovemaking.


Having a required body weight according to height is a positive thing, so don’t miss that out.

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